4 Key Truths about Commitment.

I thought it’s a great segway to the topic of #Commitment. My mum was a very gentle housewife and was the total opposite of the notorious tiger mums. Many tell the story of being disciplined to complete their homework, being scolded to do chores and being told off when not behaving; my mum chose to lead by example and through values. Back to the story of Thaipusam, retrospectively I realized my mum was showing me the value of commitment. You see, for most of us it was a yearly event and it was one-off. For my mum it was the day she fulfilled her vows after committing to something for a whole year! I learned from her the 4 Key Truths About Commitment that totally changed how I see goals and how we can achieve them more effectively.

1. Commitment is a Continuous Journey
• When we commit to something, we have to have the discipline and desire to keep it through thick and thin. We cannot call ourselves committed if we are only able to do it for a short period of time. My mum has been fulfilling her vows for the past 30 years. 🦾

2. Commitment requires True Self Awareness & Being True to Ourselves
• One of the reasons why my mum was able to keep her vows was because she was practical with her vows and what she can do. She chose a commitment that we was able to do year after year even when she’s older; she’s now in her 70s, I don’t see her stopping soon. 

3. Commitment is being Congruent and Consistent
• Commitment is something that we do during good times and bad times, when it’s hard or easy, when it’s inconvenient and when no one is looking. My mum doesn’t need a KPI to remind her, it’s something that deeply embedded in her heart. 4. Commitment defines Our Identity
• I can safely say, most of my extended family members know of my mum’s commitment to fulfill her vows. She has been so determined that people made the assumption she’ll be there yearly. When we are true to our commitment, it defines our identity.

My mum taught me this important life lesson not through strict discipline but merely showing up consistently each day (and in this case, yearly during Thaipusam).

Now it’s my commitment to pass down this lesson to my daughter too.