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Who Is Alex Tan ?

Alex is one of the premier Executive Coaches in the region. He is highly accomplished and has made a name for himself in the coaching industry with his expertise and proven track record of success. Alex is a Certified Master Solution-Focused Practitioner (MSFP), a Certified Senior Practitioner EMCC, a Certified Solutions Academy Master Coach, and a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).

He is also the winner of the Gold Award in 2020 and the Silver Award in 2019 at the HR Vendor of the Year for Best Executive Coaching Provider. In 2019, he was named one of the top 101 Global Coaching Leaders at the World HRD Congress, which is a significant achievement in the coaching industry. Alex maintains an exclusive number of leaders across the region from Fortune 500 companies as well as dynamic leaders from Forbes 30 under 30 that he mentors and coaches.


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