5 Misconceptions about Goals.

We don’t achieve our best self because the way we think about goals & how we set them are wrong!

What if I tell you that many of us set goals but never even begin taking the first step?

Have you experienced that before? How about last year’s resolutions, did you begin every single one of them?

Maybe it’s the way we think & set our goals; we have to understand some of the major misconceptions that are impending our growth.

5 Misconceptions about Goals
1st Misconception: I Need the Perfect Plan to Start
• This is a classic case of “Paralysis of Analysis”. I believe we have “planning fatigue”. We over think our plans, so much so, it kills the idea in the end

2nd Misconception: I need to Make Long-Term Goals
•It’s common to make a resolution for the Year, but what if we make goals for the week, the month, or the quarter? Would that make it more palatable?

3rd Misconception: Goals have to be Big and Transformational
• We are constantly bombarded & conditioned with videos of big and major transformations on SocMed, but the truth is those major transformation are achieved through micro milestones & habits. An accumulation of consistent small steps will lead to major breakthroughs.

4th Misconception: I only Celebrate the Big Goals
•Celebrating small achievements & successes create the foundation and motivation for us to continue. In fact, one of the hardest part in achieve goals is staying motivated. Make small successes a big deal!

5th Misconception: Once I Set My Goals, I Can Never Change It
• As part of the #DisruptiveThinking philosophy, we have to stay agile & adaptive; this includes how we pivot & change our goals as we move. Being able to adjust and fine tune our goals is a powerful ability.

We cannot use the same methods (that didn’t work in the past) but expect different results.
We have to #disrupt the way we used to think, do and act if we truly want to grow.

Would love to hear how have you disrupted your lifestyle and work style to achieve your goals?