How Self-Leadership Saved My Life

Self-Leadership, The Game Changer.

I am a proud brain tumor survivor. When I found out that I was diagnosed with that life-threatening disease many questions started developing in my mind. Some were hard burning questions that no one was able to answer; questions like “Am I going to survive this?, What’s going to happen to my daughter if I’m gone?, What can I do now?”

However, against popular belief, I never once asked “Why me?”. I started asking “What now?”, I believe this question saved my life.

What can I do to control my environment? Can I take charge of my mind? Can I lead others even when I am not in the best state of my mind? I immediately realized that Self-Leadership is very crucial to have some form of control, even a little bit.

I learned 3 Important Rules About Self Leadership:

1. You Can Only Rely On Yourself

• When you are experiencing trauma, you will find many people around you with the best of intentions, focusing on the worst case scenario. I had friends who asked me to write my will in advance and withdraw all my money from the bank just in case I passed away. I refused to have those thoughts, instead I visualized the best case scenario and told myself that the surgery will be a success. And it did! It was an absolute successful surgery. Rely on yourself to take care of your best interest and trust your instincts.

2.Take Charge Of The Situation Despite How Bad The Situation Is

•When we are in a difficult situation, it is important for us to have that crucial conversation with ourselves. that positive self-talk about the end outcome and the person who you want to become despite the adverse situation. Level up in your Personal Leadership and take charge of the whole situation by controlling what you can (and not what you can’t). Two of the most powerful resources you have are yourself and your mind, the moment you feed it with positive outcomes that you want, you already begin to improve your chances significantly.

3. I Can Empower Others Even When I’m In A Deep Dark Place

•We can take a positive stance even when we are at the lowest moment of our life. When we do that, we help inspire and motivate others to become positive as well, we naturally influence them to be as strong as us. Our effort, no matter how small can impact others in significant ways. That sense of being able to (still) empower others despite our own challenges may be the purpose that we need to become better again.

What about you? Share with me your takeaway on how self-leadership can be a life-changer to yourself and others.