5 Behaviors to Level Up Your Personal Brand.

5 Behaviors to Level Up Your Personal Brand.

It’s the Lunar-Chinese New Year, with that it comes the relentless reunion dinners and gatherings; especially after the strict lockdowns the past two years.. everyone was dying to come out!

I’ve had at least 5 family & friend gatherings so far and it was a frenzy.

If we’re honest about it, it’s also a time when people catch-up on us; prying eyes and ears will be scanning to find out what’s up with our career, health, interest and general well being.

Here’s a list of some of the most annoying questions:
• Wah! you’ve gained weight?
• How’s your job? Still got job or not?
• Eh.. How come you look older already?
• Woi.. why you look so down?

Did you get those questions? Or were you the one who asked them?
People either reinforce or renew their impression of us.

I learned that it’s important to upkeep our appearance and personal branding. It is what defines us. Here’s 5 Key Behaviors To Level Up Your Personal Brand:

1st Behavior: Renounce Vulgarity
•People judge our character through our language, if we use positive, motivating & encouraging words, people will also see us as such. So remove the unnecessary vulgarity.

2nd Behavior: Be Deliberate with Your Dressing
•It’s one of the first things people notice, how we dress can also spell how successful we are. That’s why we say, “Dress For Success”.

3rd Behavior: Share Your Fitness Regime Publicly
•This is probably one of the most useful hacks for most of us, imagining a friend who is always sharing his running, cycling or gym routine on Social Media. It has the added benefits of inspiring others to live healthier too.

4th Behavior: Commit to Invest Your Time in Social Outreach
•Most would agree, there’s just a lot of challenges & calamities nowadays; from flood, to the White Flag movement, we have many opportunities to invest our time and effort to help others. While we don’t expect anything in return, we inadvertently build positive goodwill.

5th Behavior: Curating What You Consume, and What You Share on the Internet
•We’re living in a parallel virtual world now; for many of us, we only know of our family & friends based on what they post on the net. When we curate positive, encouraging and useful information and share it consistently, we ultimately create a better identity for ourselves too.

Now People See Me Differently With These Key Behaviors. It’s a more positive outlook and best of all, I don’t get those annoying questions anymore.

How about you? What’s your experience so far?