4 Main Reasons Why You Should Defibrillate Your Life Goals.

4 Main Reasons To Defibrillate Your Life Goals.

It’s Monday and you’re waiting for Friday; it’s 9.00am and you’re waiting for 5.00pm. There’s just so much to do and you feel like you’re chasing time.. all the time.

You don’t have the luxury of doing the things that you like because you just have too much commitments.

Do all these sound familiar? If it does then you’ll need #LifeGoals.

Perhaps most of us have had life goals before, we wanted to be someone, to do something.. have a glorious bucket list! But alas..life took over!

Well guess what, if you have forsaken your life goals, it’s not too late to defibrillate it.

Here’s the 4 Main Reasons You Need Life Goals:
It gives you FOCUS
• People start to “drift“ when we don’t have a clear purpose or direction. With life goals, we become intentional with our actions and plans. Small incremental action over a long period creates our identity.
It allows you to TAKE CHARGE
• Life goals allow us to become the master architect of our lives, we get to determine the trajectory of success and not leave success to chance. Most importantly, it gives a clear roadmap on where we are headed
• It allows you to become the BEST THAT YOU CAN BE
• Most of us may not have a clear vision on who is our best self; how does it look like? What are we able to do then versus now? How different is life then? With life goals, we can design the future best self; that exercise alone may lead to a self fulfilling prophecy.
It allows you to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE
•Living your best life can simply mean you did it the way you want; it can be a flamboyant lifestyle or a mundane one, as long as it is the one that we chose then it is ours. This can be very empowering when we look back 10 years to see how far we’ve come.

This is probably why a lot of senior leaders are engaging life coaches, because it works. People who dedicate time, effort and money towards their well-being and development are usually the ones that become more successful.

How about you? What’s your life goals and how is your progress so far?