3 Hacks To Motivate You Towards Behavioral Change

3 Hacks to Motivate You Towards Behavioral Change.

Do you find yourself starting something new but you don’t follow through till the end?

Are you motivated at the beginning, but that motivation dwindle to a trickle at the end?

In this video, I talk about 3 hacks that can motivate you towards behavioral change.

Change your goals to bite-sized action
• We’re used to seeing big goals like, wanting to lose 10-15kgs this year, that in itself can be daunting. Breaking down goals to bite-sized such as 0.5-1 kg per month makes it more achievable. Focus on getting small consistent wins.
Rather than focusing on the outcome, focus instead on the process
• Some of us have goals like wanting to finish a book in a month, and they try to squeeze in as many chapters as possible in one sitting. However a better idea is focusing on being consistent on the process, maintaining at least two sittings to read in a week but not being too fixated on how long each sitting is. Our routine builds momentum, and momentum builds into habit.

Rewarding yourself for little wins

• Some may find this contentious, but being able to celebrate our progress is an empowering hack. We don’t have to wait for big wins to celebrate and we don’t have to celebrate big. Small celebrations can be uplifting and encouraging, it can be the catalyst we need to help us persevere.

The best marathon runners tell themselves that I have completed 5km rather than I have 37km to go. This frames the mind towards what’s achieved rather than what’s lacking.

So the next time you’re feeling demotivated, ask yourself if you can break down your goals to bite-sized action instead, from there focus on staying consistent, doing it week after week and finally celebrate at the end of end week.